Jan. 15 Heaps and Pillars

Genesis 31:17-32:12;  Matthew 10:26-11:6;  Psalm 13:1-6;  Proverbs 3:16-18

Relationships can be tricky–literally.

Look back at Jacob’s life:

–He tricked his father, Isaac, into believing his was his brother Esau..

–He was tricked by his father in law, Laban, into marrying Leah, NOT Rachael whom he loved and for whom he had worked for 7 years.

–He again was tricked by his father in law OUT of much deserved wages.

–He tricked his father in law by heading back to his home country without telling him goodbye.

Then God stepped in….

….to tell a pursuing Laban in a dream, “be careful not to say anything to Jacob either good or bad.”

It was enough of a warning that Laban did not say or do anything to harm Jacob when he caught up with him–though I’m sure he wanted to “ring his neck:.”

Laban and Jacob eventually came to an agreement and a heap and a pillar marked the spot where trickery and deception ended–literally.

Lord, you have the ability to step in and stop deception and trickery in our own  twisted relationships.  Forgive us for wrongly leading others to believe the wrong thing for our own gain.  By your grace and mercy let honesty and integrity rule in our hearts.  Help us to keep our eyes on the victorious cross–your heap and pillar–where all lies and deceptions were laid at your feet.   Enable us to do good and not harm to those around us for your sake.  Amen


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