May 3 Tis The Season…

Judges 17:1-18;  John 3:1-21;  Psalm 104:1-23;  Proverbs 14:20-21


 Tis the season for weddings! 

Everyone has a job to do–Maid of Honor, Best Man, Ring Bearer, Flower Girl…Each prepares the way for the Bride and Groom.

John the Baptist was Jesus’ Best Man.  John was sent ahead of Jesus to prepare the way.  However, some of John’s followers thought the “party” was about him.  They were concerned when John’s followers left him to go follow Jesus.

John knew his place and he reminded them, “A person cannot receive even one thing unless it is given him from heaven  You yourselves bear me witness, ‘I am not the Christ, but I have been sent before him.'” John 3:27-28.

John knew he was just the best man.  “The friend of the bridegroom, who stands and hears him, rejoices greatly at the bridegroom’s voice.  Therefore this joy of mine is now complete.”  John 3:29

John made way for the bridegroom, Jesus.  John said, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”  John 3:30

John’s part in the wedding was complete–John would now humbly step aside and continue to point to the bridegroom.

“All eyes on Him,” he would say.

Lord God, we thank you for the faithful witness of John the Baptist who humbly stepped aside to let the Bridegroom, Jesus, take the place of honor.  We thank you for the many faithful servants of your Word who humbly pointed the way to you and took no praise from men.

May we be found faithful to your Word as well.  To know that it’s “not about us” but all about You!  In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

“May the glory of the Lord endure forever; 

may the Lord rejoice in his works–

he who looks at the earth and it trembles,

who touches the mountains and they smoke.

I will sing to the Lord all my life.

I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.

May my meditation be pleasing to him

as I rejoice in the Lord.”       Psalm 104:31-34


3 thoughts on “May 3 Tis The Season…

    • He is the Vine! The Top of the Tree! Our source of Life!
      I value your comment, “the Jesus-focused-ness of your blogging.” May all of us who know Him, continue to write for Him that others can climb onto the Tree with us!

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