November 19 Tongue Tamer


Photo by Natanis Davidsen


Ezekiel 39:1-40:27;  James 2:18-3:18;  Psalm 118:1-18;  Proverbs 28:2

Has your tongue ever gotten you into trouble?

Mine almost got me beaten up as a young teen when I repeated some words said by “someone else” about a classmate.

Mine also wagged with gossip and I lost the trust of a friend.

And…there are other times my tongue started some fires…

Oh how we long to reel back in words spoken “nonchalantly” or too hastily.

James was right when he wrote that the tongue “is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.”  James 3:13

Thankfully we do have a tongue tamer.

He was Heaven sent and wisdom personified.  Jesus, our wisdom, is “pure, peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy an good fruit, impartial and sincere.”  James 3:17

By faith, He lives in our hearts and harnesses our tongues so that we can “sow in peace and raise a harvest of righteousness.”  James 3:18

Lord God, may our tongues bring a harvest of righteousness as we speak of your love and mercy.  May our tongues bring healing as we speak Your word to hurting hearts.  May they be instruments of peace.  Forgive us for the times we have sinned against you and others by what we have said, or failed to say.  Grant us your wisdom, Lord, so we may live fruitful lives for you.  And, please tame our tongues when we are tempted to “let loose.”  For Jesus’ sake we pray, Amen.

“Who is wise and understanding among you?  Let him show by his good life, by

deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.”

James 3:13


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