January 3 Deliverance


Image by Matt Dalrymple

Genesis 5:1-7:24;  Matthew 3:7-4:11;  Psalm 3:1-8;  Proverbs 1:10-19

“From the Lord comes deliverance.”  Psalm 3:8

Deliverance #1

Water and Word bestowed

the washing away of sin

from my infant heart

sealing the deal

as a Child of God.

Thank you, Lord!


Deliverance #2

Tempting teen adventures promising

thrills, chills and of course, no spills,

preempted by an invitation to

“come”–worship, hear God’s Word,

share some fun, some fellowship–just come,

just once.

Thank you, Lord.


Deliverance #3

Reckless living, wrong choices,

headed for a crash–which came.

Surgery, recovery, time alone

with God and a wonderful book

about Grace.

Thank you, Lord.


Deliverance #4

Veiled in common love for God,

for service and for prayer,

Temptation wrapped a solid grip and

pulled down to despair.

God’s strong arm of His strong Word

turned away the sin.

Thank you, Lord.


Daily Deliverance

Lord each day you deliver me and keep me

from much harm.

What ills come my way,

come for my sake

to turn  me back to you–

You, who knew no sin

were trapped beneath its weight,

the guilt, the condemnation.

Your death released me

from eternal bars of separation

and opened the gates of Heaven.

“Come”  I’ll hear you say.

Thank you, Lord.



Image by Matt Dalrymple






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