January 13 Faith Gets Close


Photo by M. Jones

Genesis 28: 1-29:35;  Matthew 9:18-38;  Psalm 11:1-7;  Proverbs 3:11-12

He heard the Word

and believed,

a hopeful father

reached for life

for his now-stilled daughter.

Jesus followed and walked past

the laughter

to honor the man’s request,

and by her hand he raised her.


She heard the Word,

without a doubt,

she touched the hem of Christ.

Her bleeding stopped.

She was healed.

His words meant even more,

“Take heart, daughter,

your faith has made you well.”


I hear the Word,

I live each day by faith in Him

who loves–

who draws me close and whispers,

‘your faith has made you well.’

Water and  Word have washed

away the sin, and fear and doubt,

So I shall go as He commands

and sing His praise today!

Lord God, I will sing your praise today!  Thank you for bringing healing to my sin-sick soul–for your loving balm of forgiveness–for faith that believes your word!  Lord, may I draw encouragement from your Holy Word today.  I especially draw close in faith to pray for a sister in Christ who needs your healing touch.  For Jesus’ sake, hear my prayer and grant relief this day.  Amen.

“Then let us approach the throne of grace

with confidence,

so that we may receive mercy

and find grace to help

in our time of need.”

Hebrews 4:16

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