March 10 When The Rooster Crows


Image by Matt Gruber

Numbers 14:1-15:16;  Mark 14:53-72;  Psalm  53:1-6;  Proverbs 11:4

“And immediately the rooster crowed a second time.  And Peter remembered how Jesus had said to him,

‘Before the rooster crows twice, you will deny me three times.’

And he broke down and wept.”

Mark 14:72


Rooster crows

in the dead of night

while denial words

spill from Peter’s mouth–

 The Lord stands strong.


Rooster crows

marking a disciple’s humanity

as he claims no

knowledge of his Rabbi Lord.

Yet his Savior wavers not


accusations false and

blows given hard.


Two times the rooster crows

and prophecy’s fulfilled.

Jesus’ words

spoken in love

shatters Peter’s

fragile loyalty

and renders him

a sorry, sobbing

man in need of

a Savior.


“The church of God has great need of these examples.  For what would become of us if Peter had not denied Christ and all the apostles had not taken offense at Him and if Moses, Aaron and David not fallen?  Therefore God wanted to console sinners with these examples and to say: ‘If you have fallen, return; for the door of mercy is open to you.  You who are conscious of no sin, do not be presumptuous;  but both of you should trust in My grace and mercy.”  ~Martin Luther

Lord Jesus, when you stood strong under persecution, Peter failed to.  Because you stood strong, Peter was not defeated by his denial of you.  Because you stood strong and true to your mission to suffer and die on our behalf, we too, need not be defeated by our sins, our denials, our weaknesses.  Thank you for saving us, for loving us, for being with us when we “fall.”  Thank you for drying our tears.  Thank you that the last sound we will hear will not be the rooster crowing, but your words, “Father forgive them.”  For your grace and mercy we are forever grateful.  In your name we pray, Amen.



“The church of God has great need of these examples


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