March 24 All Nighter


Image by Kevin Carden

Deuteronomy 2:1-3:29;  Luke 6:12-38;  Psalm 67:1-7;  Proverbs 11:27

“In these days he (Jesus) went out to the mountain to pray,

and all night he continued in prayer to God.”

Luke 6:12

Have you ever prayed all night?

To be honest, I haven’t.

I’ve “prayer myself” back to sleep in the middle of the night, but have never deliberately been on my knees in prayer all night.

Jesus prayed all night, not just once, but many times during his earthly ministry.

Did he sit? Kneel? Lay prostrate on the ground?

Did he pray out loud?

What did he pray?

The Bible doesn’t say, but what happened after the all night prayer gives us a hint at what our Lord prayed for.

As the sun rose Jesus called his disciples to him and specifically appointed twelve of them to be apostles.  Together they went back down the mountain, to the Plain where Jesus became engulfed by the multitude of people from surrounding areas who wanted to touch him, to be healed, to be delivered from evil spirits.

Jesus remained focused and he began to speak to those closest to him–the newly appointed apostles, then to the crowds.  He taught, he told stories, he healed and delivered.  He did His Father’s will.

An all nighter led to a spirit filled, spirit led day of action in the life of Jesus.

Do you have an important decision to make?  An important request for your Heavenly Father?  A desire to know His will?

Know that Jesus intercedes, he hears, he knows our hearts’ desires.  He’ll gladly pull an all nighter for you!

Lord God, knowing that Jesus spent much time in prayer is a great comfort to me.  It tells me that He trusted you to hear his prayers, to provide him with words to speak and power to do what you called him to do.  Lord, may we trust that you hear our prayers as well–any time, night or day.  Thank you for hearing our prayers and for being with us in all circumstances of life.  We give you our thanks and praise!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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