June 16 Monday Memo

Photo by Laura Jostes

Photo by Laura Jostes

1 Kings 15:25-17:24;  Acts 10: 23-48;  Psalm 134:1-3;  Proverbs 17:9-11

“Whoever covers an offense seeks love, but he who repeats a matter separates close friends.”  Proverbs 17::9

“Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses.”  Proverbs 10:12

“Above all, keep loving one another earnestly since loves covers a multitude of sins.”  1 Peter 4:8

TO:  All My Children

FROM:  Your Heavenly Father

MESSAGE:  Be sure to remember how your sins were covered over by my Son’s blood on the Cross this week–how the stench of your wrongdoing was totally removed, covered by my love for you.  Spread my love and forgiveness over your neighbor’s sins, your co-worker’s offenses, your spouse’s blunders and your child’s trespasses.  And have a Grace-filled week!  I love you!

Lord God, by your Grace and mercy help me to love those around me, to not be a gossip, to put an end to strife.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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