February 20 Nothing Shall Be Impossible

Photos by Laura Jostes

Photos by Laura Jostes

“Nothing shall be impossible unto you.”

Matthew 17:20

It is possible, for those who really are willing to reckon on the power of the Lord for keeping and victory, to lead a life in which His promises are taken as they stand and are found to be true.

It is possible to cast all our care upon Him daily and to enjoy deep peace in doing it.

It is possible to have the thoughts and imaginations of our hearts purified, in the deepest meaning of the word.

It is possible by taking complete refuge in divine power to become strong through and through; and, where previously our greatest weakness lay, to find that things which formerly upset all our resolves to be patient or pure, or humble, furnish today an opportunity–through Him who loved us, and works in us as an agreement with His will and a blessed sense of His presence and His power–to make sin powerless over us.

These things are DIVINE POSSIBILITIES, and because they are His work, the true experience of them will always cause us to bow lower at his feet and to learn to thirst and long for more.

We cannot possibly be satisfied with anything less–each day, each hour, each moment, in Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit–than to WALK WITH GOD.  H.C.G. Moule

Taken from Streams In The Desert compiled by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman


You may have noticed a departure from my usual format for “What’s The Good Word?” and I think you deserve to know what’s up!  I am in the process of applying to graduate school at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, MO.  If accepted, I plan to receive a Master of Arts in Religion with a Deaconess Certificate in a few years, Lord willing!  I am excited about this endeavor and look forward to seeing where and how the Lord will use me to serve Him and others in the future.

I am currently in the “thick” of studying for the GRE and other competency exams which all need to be completed by the end of April.  It’s crunch time!!!!

I am offering selections from two of my treasured devotional books for my “What’s The Good Word?” posts from now until the end of the April when I’ll be freed up to study and ponder and share anew the daily readings from the One Year Bible with you.  Please keep me in your prayers.  I haven’t been an official student for 40 years!


God’s richest blessings to you as you continue to walk in faith with the One who is Faithful and who will love us to the End,



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