February 26 Thank You!


Thank you to Julie (aka Cookie) at cookiecrumbstoliveby.com who nominated me for this award.  I’ve passed on award nominations in the past, but am inspired to do “the honors” and to share it with others who have inspired me along life’s way.

To share seven thoughts about me:

I prefer:

1. Plains to the Mountains

2. Lakes to the Oceans

3. Morning to night

4. Chinese food to Italian

5. Quiet evenings at home to a night on the town.

6. I am the oldest of four daughters and the mother of three sons!  Go figure!

7. I treasure most that I am a Child of God —Father, Son and Holy Ghost!

Since this is an Inspirational Type of Award I’d like to share the sites of bloggers whose words, photos, drawings,paintings, and doodlings inspire and lift me up. My thanks to all of you for your contributions that bring forth smiles and make me grow.

James at adoptingjames.wordpress.com  As a writer I appreciate his hints and illustrations.  Thanks James!

K. Q. Duane at kqduane.com  Straight talk and resources regarding feminism in our society.  Now I know why I didn’t like The Feminine Mystique!

Judy at crookedtracks.com gives me glimpses of the state of Minnesota which I called home for several years after college graduation.  In spite of the cold…..it was beautiful!

Dan at danfrugalberg.com has stunning photography and original poetry that always lights up my day.

Steve at steverebus.com is my “across the pond” inspiration for all things related to photography and the Christian faith..

Margie and Gail at ajourneybetweenfriends.wordpress.com uniquely combine their love of painting and closing the distance between friends through this inspiring site.

Anna at daughterbydesign.wordpress.com combines love for the Lord with her love for serving others through inspirational and scriptural thoughts that I find very refreshing and encouraging.

Karina at karinasussanto.wordpress.com always has a genuinely caring, Christian word of encouragement.

Liz at prayerpointsbyliz brings home a gently challenging thought about how we treat others in light of the Gospel.  Thank you dear friend.

beejai at tworiversblog.com also does a daily devotion based on the One Year Bible readings that I use for “What’s The Good Word?”  I appreciate his pastor-perspective and applications.

Levi at levithedford.com shares from his heart and from C.H. Spurgeon–both are inspiring.

Natalie at sacredtouches.com provides lovely, lilting poetry and prose from others and from her own treasure chest of ideas along with gorgeous photos.  You’re in our prayers, Natalie!

Shannon at doodlesinvigorate.wordpress.com creatively reminds me of God’s truths.

Marcela at photgraphyartplus.wordpress.com supplies me with absolutely stunning photography of flowers-so real that I can almost smell their fragrance.  Muchas gracias!

“Oh give thanks unto the Lord

for HE is Good

and HIS mercy

endures forever.”

To Him be the glory!

Thank you, dear Lord, for all of the wonderful people whom you inspire to share the beauty of Your world and Your truth.  Bless them and keep them always in your care.  For Jesus’ sake, Amen.

For those nominated for this award please do the following should you decide to accept it:

1) Post the The Very Inspiring Blogger Award Image on your blog. 2)Tell us seven things about yourself and 3) Nominate 10-15 other bloggers whom you liked the world to know and be inspired!  Thanks!


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