April 21 Boundless

Photo by Laura Jostes

Photo by Laura Jostes

Devotion taken from Streams In The Desert compiled by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman

“And being absolutely certain that whatever promise He is bound by, He is able to make good.”  Romans 4:21

We are told that Abraham could look at his own body and consider it as good as dead without being discouraged, because he was not looking at himself but at the almighty One.

He did not stagger at the promise, but stood straight up unbending beneath his mighty load of blessing.  Instead of growing weak he waxed strong in the faith and grew more robust; the more difficulties became apparent, glorifying God through His very sufficiency and being “fully persuaded” (as the Greek expresses it) “that he who had promised was,” not merely able, but–as it literally means “abundantly able–munificently able, able with an infinite surplus of resources, infinitely able “to perform.”

He is the God of boundless resources.  The only limit is in us.  Our asking, our thinking, our praying are too small; our expectations are too limited.  He is trying to lift us up to a higher conception, and lure us on to a mightier expectation and appropriation.  Oh, shall we put Him in derision?  There is no limit to what we may ask and expect of our glorious El-Shaddai; and there is but one measure here given for His blessing, and that is “according to the power that worketh in us.”  ~ A.B. Simpson

Climb to the treasure house of blessing on the ladder

made of divine promises.  By a promise as by a key open the door to the riches of God’s grace and favor.

Lord God,  we come to you this day with our prayers and petitions:  prayers for healing, for patience, for forgiveness, for mercy, for blessings.  We thank and praise you that in Jesus Christ our Lord you have fulfilled the greatest promise of all–one made to Adam and Eve and threaded throughout all of history–to send us a Savior.  We thank and praise you for Jesus our Redeemer and Lord!  We know, Lord, that you will hear all of our prayers for Jesus’ sake.   Thank you for your boundless grace!  In Him, Amen!


2 thoughts on “April 21 Boundless

    • Glad you enjoyed the post. I realize that I was a day ahead of myself as I sat down to post today’s! Guess I won’t need to now! Praying that things are going a bit better for you! Blessings ~ Laura

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