A Cool Reminder

Photo by Jenny Ellison

Photo by Jenny Ellison

“A man’s wisdom gives him patience;

it is to his glory to overlook an offense.”

Proverbs 19:11

* * * * *

Keeping a cool head

in the heat of conflict

Turning the other cheek

when wronged

Lord, grant me such

wisdom today

to weigh my words

before I speak

to love

even as I am loved

by You.


March 26 God Who Saves


Photo by Doug Shelton

Deuteronomy 5:1-6:25;  Luke 7:11-35;  Psalm 68:19-35;  Proverbs 11:29-31

“Blessed be the Lord,

who daily bears us up;

God is our Salvation.

Our God is a God of Salvation,

and to God, the Lord,

belong deliverances from death.”

Psalm 68:19-20


God of today

God of tomorrow

in all things

big and small.

You alone save.


God of the skies

where planes disappear.

God of the ERs

and broken bodies.

God of dark hotel rooms

and enslaved boys and girls.

God of drug addicted minds,

of widow’s empty chairs.

God of childless couples’

hopes and dreams.


God is a God who saves.


God of those who question Him

and turn their backs away.

God of swollen bellies and

empty hands.

God of ears that can’t hear

and eyes that cannot see.

God of homeless ones

and privacy starved stars.


God is a God who saves.

“While we were yet sinners,

Christ died for us.”


One who daily helps us

stand strong in the truth

that He is a God who


shows mercy,

and saves.

“For God so loved the world

that he gave his only begotten son

that whoever believes in him

will never die

but have everlasting life.”


God is a God who saves.

O God, from the heights of heaven you see–and you have compassion.  You see a world teetering on the brink of the next disaster, war, storm, conflict.  You see us–and have compassion.  May we turn to you and embrace your salvation, looking only to you.  You have shown yourself faithful to all generations–your love and mercy never end.  Help us to speak of your salvation to those who need to hear.  Help us to be your hands and feet to serve those wearied by life–who need to know there is a God who saves.  Thank you for saving us.  In Jesus’ precious name we pray, Amen.