April 24 Service With A Smile


Photo by Travis Silva

Judges 2:10-3:31;  Luke 22:14-34;  Psalm 92:1-93:5;  Proverbs 14:1-2

“But I am among you as

one who serves.”

Luke 2:27

The disciples were a bit power hungry.  They had just eaten the richest of fare–the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ–given by His own hand in the Bread and Wine.  And they started discussing who among them was the greatest.

Our sinful nature is like that–even though we possess the richest of heavenly fare–the very Salvation of our souls–we wouldn’t mind the spotlight to shine on us or our achievements.

Even though we are filled with the most powerful Spirit in the Universe who can do all things through us, we still want to claim a “higher” place in the world and puff out our chests in pride.

If anyone deserved the Royal treatment it was Jesus.  Yet he was the foot washer, healer, forgiver, listener, server–He was the ultimate sacrifice.  He did not seek the limelight, but found himself in it.  So he served–he gave, he did not demand.  No one could accuse Jesus of being power hungry.

After the Cross–and the Resurrection–the disciples finally understood Christ’s words, “I am among you as one who serves.”

Then they went and did likewise.

God grant that we do the same!

Lord God, please forgive us for our power hungry attitudes–as subtle as they may be .  We know what’s in our hearts.  Thank you that the power of the Cross–the forgiveness of sins–cleanses us from worldly leanings.  Grant that we serve you and our neighbor with a smile–in Jesus’ name!  Amen.


Setpember 17 Full


Photo by Danny J

Isaiah 25:1-28:13;  Galatians 3:10-22;  Psalm 61:1-8;  Proverbs 23:17-18

“On this mountain the Lord of Hosts will make for all peoples

a feast of rich food, a feast of well aged wine, of rich food full of marrow,

of aged wine well refined.


And He will swallow up on this mountain the covering

that is cast over all peoples,

the veil that is spread over all nations.


He will swallow up death forever;

and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all the faces,

and the reproach of his peoples he will take away

from all the earth,

for the Lord has spoken.”  Isaiah 25:6-8


On Mount Calvary, the Lord’s Body and Blood–rich and full with all that made Him God and Man–swallowed up the veil of sin that covered the people of all nations since Eden’s dark day.

Christ’s victory over sin, death and the devil swallowed up death’s claim over all who believe in the One who wipes away their tears and turns mourning into joy!

Lord God Heavenly Father,  the prophet Isaiah spoke of that glorious mountain hundreds of years before Calvary was graced by your Son.  You spoke through Isaiah, painting a picture of your ultimate reign, of life forever with you where we will be fed with the richest of food and given the finest wines.  Until that time, O Lord, we remember your promise to those who believe as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper.  Thank you for the feasting now and the forever feast to come.  In Jesus’  precious name we pray, Amen.


August 17 Treasure Pleasure


Nehemiah 12:27-13:31;  1 Corinthians 11:3-16;  Psalm 35:1-16;  Proverbs 21:17-18

“He who loves pleasure will become poor;  whoever loves wine and oil will never be rich.”  Proverbs 21:17

Lord Jesus, teach me to love what you love, to walk in your ways.  Help me to deny myself when cravings for pleasure takes precedence over a desire to please and serve you.  Help me to manage wisely the resources you’ve blessed me with and to not fritter them away on meaningless things.  Forgive me, Lord Jesus, for seeking my own pleasure at the expense of devotion to you.  Cleanse my heart of misplaced affections.  Fill it with fervent love for you.  In your name I pray, Amen.

Oh that the Lord would guide my ways;

to keep his statutes still!

Oh that my God would grant me grace

to know and do his will!


Order my footsteps by your word

and make my heart sincere;

let sin have no dominion Lord,

but keep my conscience clear.


Assist my soul to apt to stray

A stricter watch to keep;

If ever I forget you way,

Restore your wand’ring sheep.


Make me to walk in your commands,

a most delightful road;

Nor let my head or heart or hands

offend against my God.


~Isaac Watts, 1674-1748